FIDIC | Project to amend GD 1405/2010 on FIDIC conditions of contract /Construction

The Ministry for European Funds has published for public debate a project of Government Decision (GD) to amend the GD 1405/2010 on FIDIC conditions of contract.

The intended amendments are quite important.

For example, SC 3.5 is envisaged to contain specific terms for the issuance of the Determination - 84 days from the submission of the detailed claim.

Another important amendment is envisaged in SC 20.1, whereby the failure to provide in the given term shall carry a similar sanction to the one for failure to submit the NoC.

We would also note the intended amendments to SC 20.4. Further to the intended amendments, it is clarified the binding character of the DAB decision. However, as condition precedent for the DAB decision to enjoy the binding character, the party that initiated the DAB must provide a letter of bank guarantee for the amount granted by the DAB.

The entire document may be viewed here [Romanian language]

Publishing date: 14.11.2016

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