Our Law Firm is a strong believer that each member of our society should have an active civil stand. In this capacity and to the limit of our legal capabilities and expertise, we act for the benefit of society at large.

This way, like the pieces of a puzzle coming together, we can all contribute to the image we create for the world. We are certain that only with active contribution we can ensure the welfare of our society and ultimately offer better chances for present and future generations.

As lawyers, we consider that providing pro bono legal work represents a fundamental professional responsibility which shows our commitment to society in the domains where we can bring added value.

PROBONO /Get help with your legal problems

We apply our expertise to a range of pro bono matters that support efforts to address and deal with improving the place we live and work in: Bucharest. We try to contribute to the community we live in and give something back.

Our pro bono services are usually aimed at non governmental organizations that are actively involved in climate change (environmental) issues in Bucharest. Our work is also directed at non governmental organizations currently working with urbanism related matters, to which we offer legal counsel.  

We measure our pro bono work with the same high quality standards as our commercial work. To the best of our capacity, we try to get involved as much as possible.

ANDREI FOUNDATION /Scholarships programs

Since its establishment in 1994, Fundatia Andrei has offered support in several cases in relation to underprivileged persons.

Starting with 2008, Fundatia Andrei extended its scope by including as objective the support of young students which prove strong academic records. The financial support is granted in the form of scholarships for 6 to 12 months to selected student/s. The selection criteria and the budget allocated shall be published in this section at the beginning of each scholarship program.

Our Law Firm is honored to take part and help Fundatia Andrei to achieve its goals. We are certain that by this kind of involvement, Fundatia Andrei will make a difference and will be an excellent example on social responsibility which can be further replicated.

Our goal, together with Fundatia Andrei, is to support students with strong academic records to complete their education and, therefore, help them achieve their goals.

For more information regarding the upcoming programs please feel free to send us an email through the Contact form.

CONTACT /Get in Touch

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